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Upcoming Events

Hillbilly Rocket Bonus.

We are in the process of implementing a way for our members to make a little money while enjoying the individual benefits of their own Hillbilly Rocket People membership. If someone introduces five new members into their chapter, we feel that the member deserves a bonus of $50. Additionally, for every five members thereafter, a $35 bonus will be paid. Imagine if you have a chapter with twenty new members, your Hillbilly Rocket Bonus will be $155. We believe that members should be rewarded for building their own chapters. Therefore, as we focus on a collective love for the Hotrod culture, it becomes the single most catalyst for an explosive collaboration between the Hillbilly and the Rocket.

Closer to the reveal of this opportunity, we will provide a detailed matrix illustrating how it transforms the ordinary chapter into a living breathing exemplification of the extraordinary.

Hotrods, Muscle Cars, and Trucks. 2016 Hillbilly Rocket Awards for Best in Class.

We are finalizing award catagories for the end of 2016. Hillbilly Rocket People desires to become the standard in which all others follow. Enthusiast abound from every corner of the world, and we understand that everyone who has built a hotrod from the ground up wants to share every last detail of the journey. Sometimes allowing us to learn from their mistakes, or from duplicating successful movements to create our own brand of automotive excellence.

Award categories will be announced towards the end of November 2016. Cash awards will begin in the Spring of 2017. We look forward to seeing you all out there in the world of the Hotrod!